Helping our startups succeed

We let startups focus on their core business. Startup Bakery can take care of the rest.

We back our startups, 8 times

The strength of Startup Bakery lies in the experience of its core team and the skillset of its professional network. These enable us to actively support the development of our startups in all foundational areas, so we can successfully accompany every new project.

We have created a range of services that allow our co-founders and startup teams to focus on their core business and software development, knowing they can count on tangible and measurable support along all project phases.

Startup services
Collaboration between startup studio and startup

Partners, not consultants

We believe that simple consultancy services are not enough to support a startup’s successful development. On the contrary, an active partnership is needed to create a “maker culture” throughout our studio. We are also co-foundersof every startup and we aim to transfer all the tricks of the trade to our members. Finally, we are also a financing partner, especially in the pre-seed and seed phases and our main interest is that the startup is successful and grows. A lot and quickly!

Our approach allows us to reduce the risk of failure of startups and to increase the quality of the initiatives produced.

Who we work with

Startup Bakery was created to help founders, companies and professional investors to express their potential through the creation of innovative startups.


We offer co-founders the opportunity to develop a validated business idea, with access to capital, investors and a team of experts.

Corporates and SMEs


We help small-to-medium enterprises and corporates to lead innovation, rapidly building new business units and focusing on solutions that are scalable and easy to integrate.

Professional investors

Professional investors

We structure each and every startup as a unique investment opportunity, following a rigorous business validation method and building targeted partnerships.

How a startup studio works

What is a startup studio

A startup studio (also called startup factory, company builder, startup foundry or venture studio) is a “generator of startups”, a company which builds new enterprises in series following a “parallel entrepreneurship” approach.

The startup studio model aims at significantly reducing the risk of failure, typical of newly created enterprises, while enhancing the quality of the new startups.

We build innovative startups

Startup Bakery, the Italian startup studio specializing in building B2B SaaS companies, leveraging Artificial Intelligence.