QuSeed. The trends of sustainable innovation

QuSeed is a SaaS which, through the massive use of Artificial Intelligence, aims to provide the pulse of the innovation market with a dual approach, i.e. considering both structured and unstructured data at the same time.


Quantum Information

The signal-detection dualism

Just as in quantum mechanics there is the wave-particle dualism of matter, information can also be measured continuously(giving rise to a signal) or punctually (detection).

QuSeed deals with both states of information, combining signals and detections. As regards the current dataset available on the innovation market, the signals are often represented by unstructured (or alternative) data, such as news, blog posts, social posts, videos, etc., while the surveys are represented from structured data present in business databases such as Crunchbase, Dealroom, Pitchbook, etc.

Extract information from the data

NLP and Machine Learning

QuSeed uses the latest Artificial Intelligence techniques in the NLP (Natural Language Processing) field for the extraction of relevant signals from unstructured data and for the identification of important patterns to facilitate market analysis.
The use of adequately trained models also makes it possible to simplify and speed up the interpretation of financial data relating to investments, exits and other significant events.

Innovation key metrics

How to avoid information overload

Untangling the sea of available information becomes increasingly complex and expensive, especially when it comes to making business decisions related to a fast and volatile market such as that of innovation.

QuSeed simplifies this delicate decision-making process by automating the identification of truly significant information and providing valuable insights built on data from various sources.

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