We invest in
innovative and sustainable businesses

Our method and our experience allow us to do business with a new logic, creating high-profitability investment opportunities for our qualified partners and reducing the business risk typical of early stage startups. All our initiatives are innovative startups that produce B2B SaaS, with elements of Artificial Intelligence. They are also sustainable initiatives, since each of them is linked from birth to at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We innovate in a new way

The startup studio model aims to reduce the risk of startup failure, and to enhance the quality of the startups produced.

Industry partnerships
Industry partnerships

We involve corporate partners from the initial creation phase of a new startup, validating the startup business model and gathering their interest in a subsequent acquisition, thus creating the best conditions for a successful exit.

Experience and method
Experience and method

Our team is made up of successful entrepreneurs and we follow a rigorous method of validating each business idea. Doing business according to a repeatable model allows us to retain talent, resources and experience within the work group, accelerating the development phases of each new project.

Risk sharing
Risk sharing

Unlike incubators and accelerators, we do not “showcase” existing startups, but we create new businesses from scratch by investing directly in each project. We have a direct interest in making every initiative a success.

Investment horizon
Investment horizon

We aim to carry out more liquidity events throughout the startup development cycle, in order to generate returns in a shorter time than traditional instruments.

Diversification, thanks to the "Labs"

We create investment opportunities both on single initiatives and on vehicles consisting of multiple startups. The latter are special purpose companies called “Labs”, which can be generalist or vertical (e.g. Fintech Lab, Medtech Lab, Agritech Lab, etc.) and support the financing and creation of startup teams. Due to their strategic role, they acquire significant stakes within each successful startup.

Those who invest through a Lab, acquire up to triple the shares compared to those who invest directly in the seed of a startup. Furthermore, as the exits of the initiatives occur, the Labs remunerate their shareholders by distributing dividends.

A Startup Bakery Lab allows us to invest in low-risk startups, but with high multipliers.

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How a startup studio works
What is a startup studio

A startup studio is a “generator of startups”, a company which builds new enterprises in series and aims at significantly reducing the risk of failure while enhancing the quality of the new startups.

Startup studio process
Our business recipe

The creation of a new enterprise requires the right amount of creativity and method. In Startup Bakery we have created our own “business recipe”, a business model with a precise flow of activities and an extensive range of services.

Startup studio team
Our team

We are founders, investors and serial entrepreneurs, we are passionate about open innovation, fanatic about lean startup, experts in cloud technology, user experience and digital marketing.

We build innovative startups

Startup Bakery, the Italian startup studio specializing in building B2B SaaS companies, leveraging Artificial Intelligence.