Artificial Intelligence

The icing on our cakes.

Artificial Intelligence in Startup Bakery

AI ready for use

A proprietary framework to optimize resources

For us, Artificial Intelligence is an enabler, the tool that, wisely integrated into our B2B SaaS, allows them to optimize the use of economic and human resources.For our startups, this is a significant support, already available since the MVP and the first go-to-market.


Where there is a scent of data, there is a business that rises

“Where there is data smoke, there is business fire.” — Thomas Redman

The real “core” product of Startup Bakery is data. In Startup Bakery we have above all Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning skills, useful for creating and structuring data and obtaining insights, extremely valuable for the Industry Partners who acquire our startups. Without data and without the ability to know how to deal with them, there are no conscious choices.

Intelligenza Artificiale in Startup Bakery

We created



The trends from the Innovation market

We apply to ourselves a Data&AI-driven approach. Through our proprietary asset QuSeed, we are able to more easily identify the sector microtrends, in order to have more ideas when evaluating the businesses of the startups to launch. We do it by mixing structured data(eg. Crunchbase) with unstructured data(eg. News, Blogpost, Socialpost).

Artificial Intelligence in Startup Bakery

Not all that computes is gold

In Startup Bakery we have a very “practical” approach to Artificial Intelligence. Since our business model is based on the execution speed and the exits of our startups, we concentrate the AI research activity in the startup studio , in order to produce a microservices framework that our startups can leverage to accelerate.

In this way, our startups do not have to worry (at least for the first two years) of having to face an algorithmic research phase that very often implies a steep learning curve and often risks defocusing them, moving the go-to-market away and therefore the production of metrics.

We build innovative startups

Startup Bakery, the Italian startup studio specializing in building B2B SaaS companies, leveraging Artificial Intelligence.