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Have you always wanted to launch a startup but you lack the conditions? Have you already tried and failed? Don't worry, if you think you have the right credentials to be a Startup Bakery co-founder, contact us today!

Why work with Startup Bakery

We are a startup studio of former successful founders. We are looking for motivated professionals who want to become co-founders of new startups and we offer them a validated business idea, an operating model, a team of experts committed to the project and access to capital and investors.

Our model is designed to create a protected environment in which to do business. Our approach is different from incubators and accelerators: we do not limit ourselves to supporting already formed startups, but we are co-founders of all our initiatives.

We are a partner in the project and we build it together!

Why work with a startup studio

What is the path of a co-founder?

How Startup Bakery accompanies you to success.
Application and selection
Application and selection

If you have determination, professionalism and desire to get involved, send us your application! We have various initiatives in our pipeline and your profile may be what we’re looking for.

Startup build
Let's build the foundation together

Starting from an already validated business idea, we will build a startup together from the foundations up. In this adventure you will not start from scratch: you will already find an operating model and you will be supported by a team of experts and by the founders of Startup Bakery.

Scale up
Build up, scale up

Our goal is to build successful businesses starting from a minimum viable product and arriving, through various iterations and creating a dedicated team, to form a new company, completely developed in all its functions.

Let’s prepare the exit

Once the startup is steadily on track for success, Startup Bakery will gradually leave room for new investors and partners. The co-founder will obviously play a crucial role in the exit and in continuing to manage the company in its new corporate structure.

Startup services

Helping our startups succeed

We have created a range of services that allow our co-founders and startup teams to focus on their core business and software development, knowing they can count on tangible and measurable support along all project phases. Working as co-founders together with co-founders we create entrepreneurs without the need for courses or masters, but working side by side every day and facing all the concrete challenges together!

The activities prepared along the way, we have already put them into practice in the past and we want to share them, helping other potential entrepreneurs to emerge.

Our values

At Startup Bakery we strongly believe that people make the difference. By providing potential co-founders with a certain path and tools, together with an environment in which they can be free to express themselves at their best, we are sure to bring value to the entrepreneurial fabric in which we operate.

Working together, we aim to generate entrepreneurs and to transfer values such as:

  • Sustainability. The startup must be useful to society, concretely pursuing at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Holocracy. The decision-making centralization deriving from the classic hierarchies generates bottlenecks that do not reconcile with agility and sustainable innovation. On the contrary, through a hierarchy of roles and not of people, clear responsibilities are shared and we proceed quickly and compactly towards the goal;
  • Lean approach. Nothing must be produced if its usefulness to the end customer is not first demonstrated. Validating both problem-solution fit and product-market fit from a Lean perspective, we build solid and resilient startups together. For this we also make use of the collaboration of our product UX Studio on each startup: Donux.


The co-founder is mainly rewarded in equity, receiving a share package of the new startup that is going to be constituted (up to 30%). As the fundraising phase progresses, the co-founder, in his role as CEO, also receives a salary to allow him to devote himself full time to the development of the startup. Indicatively, the salary can reach 40 thousand euros, but for each project the actual amount of the remuneration depends on various factors such as the co-founder’s experience, the type of initiative and, above all, the industry the new startup is in.

The investment we ask of the co-founder is mainly in terms of time, energy and expertise, and the selection of the co-founder depends exclusively on the candidate’s skills, motivations and experience. The financial capital that supports the startup comes from existing and new investors, and the co-founder will definitely play a central role in the fundraising activity, not excluding the possibility of direct participation.

In our business model, Startup Bakery acts as a founding partner of the startup and this allows us to support the startup in its initial phase.

Each startup created by Startup Bakery already counts on a series of activities and services provided by the Startup Bakery team, which is covered by an all-inclusive fee. Any additional activity that the startup needs, whether commissioned internally or externally, will be financed through the startup’s own budget.

Discover Startup Bakery

How a startup studio works
What is a startup studio

A startup studio is a “generator of startups”, a company which builds new enterprises in series and aims at significantly reducing the risk of failure while enhancing the quality of the new startups.

Startup studio process
Our business recipe

The creation of a new enterprise requires the right amount of creativity and method. In Startup Bakery we have created our own “business recipe”, a business model with a precise flow of activities and an extensive range of services.

Startup studio team
Our team

We are founders, investors and serial entrepreneurs, we are passionate about open innovation, fanatic about lean startup, experts in cloud technology, user experience and digital marketing.

We build innovative startups

Startup Bakery, the Italian startup studio specializing in building B2B SaaS companies, leveraging Artificial Intelligence.