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We help small-to-medium enterprises and corporates to do open innovation, developing new business units and accelerating their digital transformation agenda.

The right recipe for innovation

The startup studio model is the best response to the innovation needs of medium-large companies, and allows to create new business units quickly, allocating resources and talent and “protecting” the new initiative from the complexity of the existing core business.

Starting from the identification of specific business pains, Startup Bakery manages the entire process of creating, validating and developing a new startup and, following a roadmap agreed from the start, the partner company will progressively integrate the newly created startup.

We are able to manage multiple projects on behalf of the same industry partner, and the partnership can be limited to a single initiative or cover a “hub” of startups to be validated and developed in parallel.

Open Innovation for corporates and SMEs

Why become a partner of Startup Bakery

Innovating with us has many advantages

Partners, not advisors

We directly participate in the business risk and have a direct interest in the success of each initiative. Our model is not based on consultancy, but on the exits that we manage to generate towards the entrepreneurial fabric, which increasingly demands innovation and growth through external lines.

Together from the start
Together from the start

Unlike incubators and accelerators, we do not support existing startups but we create new businesses from scratch. Involving partner companies from the initial development phase allows us to proceed quickly and at the same time maximize all integration opportunities for the new startup. The cost of integrating an existing startup is often overlooked, but should be a key consideration: building a new business unit with Startup Bakery means that the new startup can be acquired at favourable conditions and integrating it within the technical and business environment of the industry partner can be simpler and quicker.


We are a startup studio made up of successful former founders, as well as business and innovation experts. Our in-house team expertise ranges from business development to the latest cloud technologies, from artificial intelligence to UX and digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence
Method and resources

We use proprietary Artificial Intelligence tools and follow a rigorous method of screening, validating and developing each business idea, aimed at minimizing the risk of failure, typical of a startup.

Our journey together

The involvement of the partner from the initial stages of each project allows Startup Bakery to create solutions based on technical and business processes that can be immediately integrated. At the same time, the industry partner can prepare a plan for the acquisition and integration of the startup "avoiding any surprises".

Startup ideation

Whether the business idea is generated within Startup Bakery or comes from the industry partner, the first step is always the same: validate. Only business ideas that are proven to solve a problem for the end customer will move to the next stage.

Startup creation

After the initial validation, a new business entity is created within the Startup Bakery studio with the involvement of the industry partner who is given visibility on the operational approach already at this stage. Through fast prototyping and MVPs, each new solution is tested and optimized.


Through various iterations and creating a dedicated team, we form a new company, completely developed in all its key functions. The contribution of the industry partner is essential to ensure the integration and scalability of the new business unit.


Once the startup is steadily on its way to success, the industry partner progressively takes over from Startup Bakery in the share capital, following some previously agreed milestones and objectives, up to a complete exit.


For companies that are already well-structured, innovating is not an easy endeavour and the mission is even harder in the case of disruptive technologies, i.e. when you want to focus on radically new technologies and business models that require new priorities, a new way of thinking, new operational processes and new ways of interacting with customers.

The difficulty of established corporations to balance the needs of innovation with the priorities of the current business (the so-called innovator dilemma) leads in most cases to the failure of all new initiatives with a consequent waste of time and resources.

The startup studio model adopted by Startup Bakery allows companies to outsource part of the innovation process, allowing the new technology to develop in ideal conditions and, at the same time, retain an active role in the process.

Too often, open innovation programs (such as hackathons and call for ideas) limit themselves to generating new and compelling business ideas that, however, remain a dead letter, leaving out one of the fundamental problems of every innovation journey: moving from idea to reality.

The greatest hurdle for companies that are willing to innovate is not the generation of new ideas, but their implementation, which requires a balancing act between existing priorities and the creation of a completely new business unit. Moreover, making an innovative idea sprout requires completely different experience, resources and methods from the management of an already established business.

Startup Bakery responds to this need by acting not only as a generator of ideas, but crucially by creating the ideal conditions for the creation and development of new business models.

Furthermore, compared to other types of partnerships such as incubators and accelerators, which act as showcases for already “packaged” solutions, the startup studio offers the partner company a direct involvement in the creation and development process of the new startup. The direct participation of the partner company allows to create technical and business solutions that can be immediately integrated, and to prepare more effective and “no surprise” acquisition and integration plans. The direct participation of the partner company allows to create technical and business solutions that can be integrated immediately, and to prepare more effective and “no surprises” acquisition and integration plans.

See the “startup studio” section for more information on our business model.

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How a startup studio works
What is a startup studio

A startup studio is a “generator of startups”, a company which builds new enterprises in series and aims at significantly reducing the risk of failure while enhancing the quality of the new startups.

Startup studio process
Our business recipe

The creation of a new enterprise requires the right amount of creativity and method. In Startup Bakery we have created our own “business recipe”, a business model with a precise flow of activities and an extensive range of services.

Startup studio team
Our team

We are founders, investors and serial entrepreneurs, we are passionate about open innovation, fanatic about lean startup, experts in cloud technology, user experience and digital marketing.

We build innovative startups

Startup Bakery, the Italian startup studio specializing in building B2B SaaS companies, leveraging Artificial Intelligence.